Built in the year 2007 at Riox, the test chamber can test and build the operating curves of fans and fan boxes sold by Riox S.A.


The investment made in that year was instrumental in the development of quality ventilation products manufactured by the Riox group. In a safe, reliable and systematic manner, the chamber, combined with numerical modelling, has been used to refine the aerodynamic design of all fan boxes. Dimensioned according to test norms AMCA 210 and ISO 5801, the test chamber is the guarantee of reliability of the curves presented for each product.


The AMCA 210 standard establishes uniform methods for laboratory testing of fans or other instruments of air movement, allowing the determination of aerodynamic performance for characterization or for guarantees in terms of airflow, pressure, power, speed and efficiency.


It should be noted, as an example, the improvement of the smoke extraction box, whose work performances have improved the DF400 model for the new DF3 model in approximately 20% in airflow and 50% in pressure drop.




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Fan working test
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