Riox company, based in Pedroso - Vila Nova de Gaia, was founded in 1977. Initially, under the name Relox, it assumed its present name in 1980, as a result of a merger with another group company, named Rilar, which was dedicated to the injection and assembly of aluminium fryers, hand blender, and other appliances and utilities.


Its business was the manufacture of metal components and small appliances. With an initial size of about 2000 m2 of covered area, it now has 6.500m2 of covered area with about 11,000 m2 of open area, thus ensuring its growth.


Currently, Riox has quadrupled its size, keeps manufacturing appliances, but naturally developed other business areas. The ventilation area, where the product is made, sometimes custom-made, has a high level of quality.


Riox’s production is intended primarily for export, about 85%, whose major markets are: France, Spain and Belgium. The remaining 15% are for the domestic market, almost entirely for the motherhouse Relopa, which markets products under the brand ‘Troia’.


Riox Customers are prestigious names in the international market. Competing in the global market, Riox faces important challenges and therefore has to ensure its competitiveness in the service provided to Customers, through the commitment to develop products with higher added value, the training of human resources and the introduction of more advanced technologies such as pad printing, ultrasonic welding, injection by gas, laser cutting, etc.


Riox stands out for its search for new products with less investment, longer life-cycle; new markets for existing products, expanding the number of Customers, reducing the range and increasing the series so as to optimise production costs.


Riox has about 160 employees.